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Our interior design services recreate your home or business your way in High Point.

Did you know that your interior design can make a lasting impression, either good or bad? At CornerStone Interiors, we often find that although many people try to improve upon their living and working spaces in High Point, North Carolina, the task is easier said than done. One great solution is to allow our expert team to provide the interior design services that will make your home or business look its best.

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  • Residential – Our residential interior design services encompass everything from real estate staging to adding the perfect piece of art to your sitting area. We’ll listen to your vision and create a home that you love to come home to.
  • Commercial – Our commercial interior design services are the ultimate combination of functionality and professionalism. Let us help you capture the working space you have always envisioned for your business.
  • Custom Designs – We believe that every interior design we do should accurately represent our customer’s tastes and preferences. We create custom designs that embody your vision and make each space unique.

Interior Design in High Point, North Carolina

The Basics of Good Interior Design

At CornerStone Interiors, we want your home to truly feel like home, so it complements your personal style and remains a welcoming space you want to spend time in. While we can get your interior design endeavors started, there are several basic design principles you should follow whenever you redecorate, remodel, or reimagine a room in your home:

  • Function—The core of any good interior design plan is function. After all, your home needs to function well, so you don’t feel like you need to move or redo your design plan. Create focal points in each room, pick furniture that is the right size, and incorporate lighting that adds functional, yet aesthetic appeal.
  • Mood—The feeling or mood of a room is impacted by the colors in the area, the patterns and textures of the furniture and accessories, and the overall style of the furnishings. To create a certain mood in any given room, start with an inspiration piece, like a photo or a decorative pillow, and choose pieces that align with its appearance and style.
  • Personality—Your home won’t feel like your home unless you incorporate your personal style and taste. Use accessories, pictures, vases, and other décor you love in addition to unexpected or whimsical pieces to give any room a flair all your own.

As always, we’re here to create spaces you love and live in! If you want help making good interior design a focus in your home, give us a call to get started with a consultation.


Our interior design services are comprehensive, and we offer the finest products for your home or business in High Point, North Carolina, including custom furniture, wallpaper, custom blinds, shutters, custom bedding, carpet, rugs, hardwood flooring, lamps, art, accessories, costume jewelry, and more. We can even provide ongoing interior design services to ensure that your home or business is beautiful for every season.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or stop by our showroom to see our selection of unique décor. We look forward to seeing you soon!