Office Interior Design Tips to Increase
Employee Productivity

When it comes to an office space, most employers don’t have interior design at the top of their list as a priority. However, studies have shown that office interior design actually can play a big role in how productive employees are.  A human’s actions often stem from emotions or feelings, and the way you feel can be influenced by the environment around you. In this blog post, we’re going to look at two magazine articles that support the theory that office interior design does actually make a difference in employee productivity. Let’s see what they suggest:

  • “Designing For Behavior” from Work Design Magazine– This article talks about the benefits of creating an open environment in your office interior design. Research points toward open areas allowing for more collaboration between employees, higher-level thinking, and greater mental power. The height of ceilings also plays a part in the behavior of your employees. High ceilings encourage creative or abstract thinking, whereas lower ceilings promote a focus on attention to detail.benefits of creating an open environment in your office interior design
  • “Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Interior Design” from Interiors+Sources– This article gives some interesting insight on the damage that a sterile office environment can do. Sterile environments are often synonymous with fear, anxiety, and stress. The solution? Bring nature into the office! Indoor plants, water features, or even pictures of nature can help to lower stress levels and put workers at ease. In fact, the article mentions that being close to plants may even improve concentration and memory retention!