How Staging Your Home Will Help You Sell It Faster

Home staging is the process of styling a house for sale in a way that will enhance the attributes and make the property more attractive for potential buyers. Many realtors agree that a home that has been staged will sell faster and for more money than comparative houses that were not staged. So should you really take the time and effort to hire a professional stager to help you? Experts will tell you, “Yes!”—especially if you are hoping to sell your house quickly. Staging can help you by:

  • Allowing buyers to envision their own family in the home. By removing personal touches like family pictures, you create more of a blank slate for potential buyers, allowing them to picture the home as theirs.keep the staging process painless and drama-free
  • Appealing to the masses instead of your own tastes. Staging will help to replace any dated décor or unique styles with on-trend counterparts that will resonate with the majority of home buyers.
  • Allowing your home to shine. Remove furniture or decorative pieces that might detract or take focus away from the home. You want the buyers to pay attention to the architecture and details of the house itself, instead of being distracted by artwork, rugs, etc.
  • Opening up the space by decreasing clutter. This might include removing some furniture and storing items off-site until the house sells. By boxing up some of your stuff, your home will feel more spacious and open, which is always a good thing.

We have just a couple of suggestions to keep the staging process painless and drama-free. Don’t get emotional about the suggestions of the stager! Their job is to eliminate anything that would distract a buyer. Don’t take it personally if they suggest removing artwork from the walls or your favorite rug—you will thank them in the end when your house sells more quickly than the one across the street!