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Our commercial interior design services are ideal for all types of businesses in High Point.

Having an inviting work space may not always be an important part of operating your commercial business. At CornerStone Interiors, we understand that running a business often means focusing on your clients, and not on the furniture. We also believe that your furniture and other interior design elements can make a big first impression for your customers when they walk through the door.

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Our commercial interior design services are ideal for all types of businesses in High Point, North Carolina. Whether you are a financial institution with a small seating area or a government office that sees customers throughout the day, we can help you create a working environment that looks great and functions optimally.

The Role Functionality Plays in Commercial Interior Design

The look of your business is obviously important for that critical first impression and creating an image for your company. However, it is important to not sacrifice comfort and other functionality in the process of seeking a desirable aesthetic. At CornerStone Interiors, we understand that functionality plays a vital part in commercial interior design, both for your clients or customers and for your staff.

One example of the role of functionality relates to comfortable seating for waiting areas, conference rooms, and other spaces. You want people to be able to focus on the matter at hand, which may be paying attention in a meeting or feeling less anxious while waiting for an appointment, and that won’t happen if they have to fidget in their seat trying to get comfortable. On the other hand, however, you don’t want the seating to be so plush that they fall asleep!

Another aspect of functionality is durability. The more certain items in your commercial interior design are utilized, the more important it is for them to stand up to rigorous use. Maintenance is another consideration as you may want materials that can be cleaned regularly and resist stains.

One final thing to think about is lighting. There are several factors involved with choosing appropriate lighting for a commercial interior design setting. Proper illumination to avoid eye strain and headaches, being able to display your products in a flattering light, and having sufficient light in all areas of your High Point, North Carolina business are all things to consider.

You can count on us to always factor in functionality during your commercial interior design project and balance it properly with the aesthetic importance. Reach out today with questions you might have in this regard.


  • Ambiance – One of the most important things our commercial interior design services do is create the proper ambiance for your employees and your customers. Setting the tone for relaxing, energizing, or even creating patience can make a big difference in the way your business operates.

  • Professionalism – Another important reason our commercial interior design services can be useful is because they can help you create a professional environment for everyone walking through your doors. We’ll take you from outdated to current and from hodge-podge to sophistication.
  • Function – Most importantly, our commercial interior design services remain practical, so your office environment continues to function well. We won’t consider our job done until you and your customers feel confident conducting business.

Commercial Interior Design in High Point, North Carolina

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